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Locker Cabinet
  • Locker Cabinet


    Upper locker

    Salvaged door, new cabinet. Each Locker is a one of a kind piece. The maple has multiple tones, grain, and some cabinets may even find curl and figure.  Each locker has 2 shelves for your storage needs.

    •    The lockers come in upper and lower units; they can be stacked. The difference is the handle location and the upper's have a number painted on them.

    •    The 2" hinges are MIG welded to the door and screwed into the Ontario sourced maple cabinet. Each locker has two shelves and a magnet to keep the door closed.

    •    Dimension: 42" High x 15" Wide x 12" Deep

    I was immediately drawn to the colour and patina of the locker doors. They provoked thoughts about the history, the owners and how they could be re-imagined. I learned that the doors came from a factory in Pennsylvania and were brought to Canada by an Urban Outfitters to make a wall decor installation. I envisioned them with a wooden cabinet and thought they could be new multipurpose cabinetry.

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