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Curly Maple Frame Moss Art
  • Curly Maple Frame Moss Art


    Made with locally sourced Curly Maple wood, with reinforced mitre joints, sanded to 400 grit,  and 4 coats of a natural hand rubbed finish. We chose to use the best preserved reindeer moss that we could find, imported from Norway. We handpicked, trimed, and sorted, to only install premium pieces.

    Our moss is self-preserving and requires zero care, while the maple frame adds contrast and one of a kind natural curl and detail. Each piece we’ve created is unique, numbered, and made by hand.

    This piece measures in at 30.5” x 30.5”, and has keyholes for easy mounting that are built into the back of the frame. Free local delivery available, please email if interested and local to Toronto, GTA, Niagara.

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